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Orange And Gradients Are ‘Soothing’ And May Possibly Prevent Scurvy

I'm fucking around with Wyzo. It's some kind of 'add a bunch of crap into FF and call it new' business plan that surprisingly seems to keep Flock afloat so what the hell do I know. It's pretty standard other than the out of the box inclusion of a Bittorrent client (Windows only, of course) and a bright orange theme that does zero for me although I'm sure someone, somewhere, in a alternate dimension where theming means more than a sixty second distraction, is really excited about it being orange. I also love the fact that choosing to get either 'Add Ons' or 'Themes' from the setup menu sends you back to the Wyzo site. Oh well, it was fifteen minutes of leisure poorly spent, like most things I do and think about.

I don't understand the proliferation of re-branded browsers -- especially when you're not adding any functionality to the browser other than a radioactive looking theme that you can't change and a plugin for Bittorrent (and lord knows how few freestanding and browser-oriented clients there are for that) that only runs on a single platform. Where are all the other applications that should be built using the awesome toolkits for application building? Yeah, I know the answer already too...

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  1. Hello Sir. I was downloading a voice commander off limewire and one download consisted of Wyzo. I’m considering this is probably a virus because I have removed it but my Internet Explorer is without add-ons. I have enabled all add-ons through the internet networking bet they still do not seem to be working. If you have any suggestions to this problem it would be much appreciated

    Thank you sir.

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