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Slapping My Own Hand Back From The Cookie Jar

I've been reading some of the reactions to the alpha of the new version of Opera and it sounds pretty damned good. Unfortunately, I use Opera as my primary browser so I'm reluctant to fux0r up anything more than absolutely necessary.

I use Opera because it is fast, more feature-ful than most browsers on OS X, and generally more stable than most of the others. This really doesn't say much for other browsers as most are simply shit on the Mac. They're either close (like Camino which is a great browser that doesn't do all of the things I need it to) or so crazily unstable that I can't work for more than 30 minutes with everything falling apart or other applications going down in flames as a result of its monomaniacal pursuit of all available resources (uh, Firefox used to be the answer to all of those problems but now it is the perfect example of all those symptoms) and, as important as a browser is in these damnable 2.0 days, my computer needs to do things other than run a web browser.

I've found Opera to be a near perfect compromise on either side of the equation of desirability -- fast, less crashy and dependent on third party extensions while being extremely capable in terms of features which were implemented long before many of its current competitors were more than a scratch that needed itching. Tabs and mouse gestures and all of that emerged in Opera first when it was still an annoying pay or deal with the fucking ads that impacted performance and made you feel like you were using a bubble product that was ready to evaporate any second. There are a gazillion features rolled into Opera that I discover when I need something I don't think is built into the browser and start searching around.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah: I'm pretty excited about the potential for history searches. These days I'm more likely to use browser history than say bookmarking a page because my bookmarks are already a huge monstrosity without adding any things I might visit again. Searching the content is a bonus although I hope that feature is less intrusive than it sounds. I tend to lean pretty heavily on things like Quicksilver for operations like that and I'm curious how the release version will actually parse those results out on the return. Speed Dial is stupid but inobtrusive so I have no real feelings either way about it but improvement beats the shit out of a blank so I'll see if I have any use for it when the betas start rolling out. The synchronization feature is also a bonus for those of us who use Opera across multiple platforms and on a bunch of different machines. I know there are plugins for a couple of different browsers that do this but I like the fact that is baked in and presumably, at least from the reviews I've read, doesn't impact performance. All of this stuff is part of the core set of features without completely fucking up how the browser actually functions. Sounds great but, as much as it pains me, I've got to wait for at least a beta before I start mucking around with it. That is a big complement to the releases as I'm not willing to part with the same old, same old in order to gain a few goodies. I do look forward to a more stable version of the goodies, though.

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