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Once Explained It Is No Longer Funny

I did a bunch of Photoshop work today which is aggravating when working for someone else -- I come from an offset printing background of sorts so I am absolutely anal about details. I worry most about problems that don't really exist like small point size trapping and other whimsies of tight registration manipulation that fucking WON'T look exactly the same as your shitty fiery output. Um, so, I ended up slapping together a new banner and throwing it up top. Whoopee.

The point I'm almost ready to explain is that I've been increasing the offset more recently which has brought on a slew of comments about it being decidedly off center. Yes, eagle eye, it is indeed not centered. People used to tease me about my complete disregard for the standards of CSS and how slapdash I was about everything. This needling seemed to center around the perpetually askew banner that I've plastered across the top of this site for the past five years. I kind of like this one as it looks kind of bargain basement steampunk (for something slapped together in five layers over the course of fifteen minutes) and it is making me want to actually redo the theme here. It's something I've procrastinated about for at least a year and now that the relatively inside joke is no longer simply a matter of personal amusement I don't feel like I need to keep running with it. Soon.

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