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One Of Those Things That Makes Me Feel Really Old

I'm downloading the Gentoo installer because, as much I would like to and other folks seem to, I don't heart Sabayon as much as I initially thought which has a lot to do with a bunch of binary installs that break everything later. Fuck it. I'm installing it the brand new old fashioned way: with the install CD albeit via the new and somewhat sexy Gtk installer. Actually, when compared to the old method of installing even a Stage 3, the new stuff is a laser concentrated beam of writhing parts on the sexy scale (I may actually be talking about Cthulu here) or at least a whole lot easier.

Monitoring the download of the ISO is what really made me feel slow. It isn't a huge amount of bits to grab -- 700 MB total but I found myself fascinated that 147 MB had already downloaded what seemed like seconds after I'd started it. I'm impressed by fast connections even when they're really not that fast. It makes me think of the old Austin days when Dan and I used to hunch sullenly over his Mac Classic, eagerly awaiting the arrival of 120k of precious/pirated data. We dreamed longingly of the inevitability of an affordable 9600 baud modem and the unholy speed it would grant us. It caught up and I'm still not quite over it. You'd think I was 150 years old or something. Yeesh. Imagine how slow modems were 150 years ago.

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  1. I’ve been absent, yes. Blame it on our 7 month old unexpected twins – who when they aren’t trying to grow teeth are pretty cool. I remember those old days of waiting. To make matters worse we were probably hopped up on a pot of coffee too and having smoked too many cigarettes. It really made you appreciate the data you got though. Assuming it wasn’t corrupted. You’d treat it like a FabergĂ© Egg being careful not to damage it. But now we download precious/pirated data and discard it with the slightest of thoughts. Still it is nice to be able to download an entire CD/DVD ISO in matter of minutes – not even hours, though occasionally.

    I’ll see you in another 50 years when everyone else we know is dead and gone and we can sit on the porch at the Old SysAdmins Home the The Undead with our antique laptops and yell cynical and curmudgeonly insults at the youngsters walking around with supercomputing phone implants in their ears and eyes.

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