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Disappearing And Reappearing…

Some things start all brand new and blinky-eyed, some end either silently from old age or apathy, and some others start again and hopefully last a little longer:

Burningbird is up and running again. I'm thankful for this because I like her writing on technology as much as the next geek but I missed the writing that fell somewhere between. You can get geek anywhere, just jostle the contents of any dumpster, but the crossover between technology and the real people behind it is rare and more often than not just plain annoying. The funny part about this is that I had no idea until I started pruning links off the old 'roll and clicked through the one to Shelley's site just to see what was there now. That link will stay and I'm glad for it.

On the sadder side of things, it looks like Bob is packing in Note To Myself due to hosting limitations. I'm a little sad about that as he often hit on some areas of the human/technology overlap that few others seem to. The small number who wander into those territories don't often do so with such goodnatured-ness either. Wanna move it over here Bob? I have lots of space and bandwidth. I'm completely serious, by the way...

Oh, and before anyone gets all twitchy with their 'delinked me' key: I removed a good number of links because they were pointing to sites that had either become defunct (of the 404 variety) or had expired domains picked off by the shit-I-hate embargo and needed to go bye bye. No one has annoyed me that much recently or attacked me personally or at any length for quite some time. The message: I heart the web and I don't necessarily hate you although you could click on my advertising a little more often.

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