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Wow. World Series. Wow.

The last few nights were dedicated to obsessive monitoring of the NLCS series which turned out to be really rewarding. Holy shit. We're headed to the world series. I listened to the game last night (regretting the lack of cable in our house for the first time) from the first pitch and it was well worth it. Well, other than the slight heart attack I had when the Diamondbacks rallied briefly in the eight inning. The results of the World Series don't matter much at this point since getting the Rockies there in the first place was a whole lot more than most Denver folks ever thought would happen. We'll prepare for the End Times if the Rockies actually win the Series but that's a few days away. The whole scene is pretty charming in its 'local boys who never win anything get nuts and win everything and never lose again' way and I'm not immune to the disease. Speaking of charm, Todd Helton's playoff blog is all about it:

Like tonight. Look at my first at-bat, when Livan Hernandez struck me out. That was a terrible at-bat. I just had to say, "Hey, relax. Refocus. Do everything you've been doing your whole life. Quit thinking." Then in the fourth, I got a hard-hit single off the right-field wall. I hit it well, but I'm old and slow.

That stuff is magical.

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  1. As mean as it sounds, it’s hard for me to believe Todd Helton can write.

  2. C’mon Dick, Knoxville, TN schools aren’t *that* bad!

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