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Lance Hahn

So, I discovered yesterday that an old friend had passed away. Lance Hahn, known more for his punk rock bands than the fact that he was one of the nicest and funniest humans to ever waste hundreds of hours obsessing about punk rock records, died on Sunday of complications resulting from kidney failure. Lance had suffered from health problems for the past few years of various severity and this came after finding out that he would likely need a kidney transplant and dialysis until that transplant became available. I have never met a person who was so universally liked and so easy to get to know. It's crushing to know that he no longer exists.

What makes all of this a thousand times worse is that Lance was uninsured for all of this and will likely leave Liberty with a stack of unpaid medical bills in addition to the grief of losing someone you love who shared a house and a life with you. A friend of Lance's in Austin has setup a website, to connect folks who knew him, compile pictures and memories, and eventually to set up a place where folks can help out with those remaining medical expenses. I'm shit for eulogies as the past couple of years have taken away too many people but if nothing else I'd like for people to know about the website to reconnect people in his memory and to provide an outlet for financial support. Trying to string together anything else would just be too much right now.

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