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The Incredible World Series Tickets Caper (Starring The Ultra Secret And Totally Invisible Ninja Hackers)

I really tried to buy tickets for the World Series today. Games 3-5 are here (assuming that there is a fifth) and a lot of people would love to throw down sixty bucks for a seat that normally runs ten dollars but according to the Rockies organization they were maliciously attacked from an external source which I assume means that a lot of people were trying to buy tickets all at once. Tomorrow (later today, I guess) they will supposedly be available. The very specific contingency plan related by the Rockies spokesperson affords a great deal of confidence for those of us who will sit in front of multiple computers tomorrow hoping to actually touch the ticket sales site:

"We absolutely have backup plans in place that, should something go wrong tomorrow, we will immediately go to those plans," said Alves.

Alves would not elaborate on what those plans were.

I eagerly await my opportunity to sit around watching a little countdown in a browser window cycle through increasing numbers of seconds. It's one of the great thrills available to baseball fans.

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