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Obligatory Leopard Post (Union Rules)

I've been running it since very late on Tuesday night which works better for this post since I don't need to give the world the gift of yet another screenshot fest filled with slight modifications to the PR stuff on the Apple website. Things I've noticed since then:

1. ATSServer is still a pushy pain in my ass. Did you install any extra fonts in Tiger? Get ready to watch the beach ball twirl merrily when you start applications for the first time. Also prepare for blowing out some font cache after menus show up with letters missing. Do the usual gnashing of teeth and douching of cache and things will get better pretty quick.

2. Spotlight. It's new and it still sucks. If you allow it to index anything, open the Activity Manager and watch as a number of user and root processes suck up of all of your CPU(s). I disabled it on all drives and now I can actually use my new OS. I've never been a fan but I haven't taken many steps to disable Spotlight because in previous versions of the OS it hasn't been so aggressive. mdworker thinks that it is the only process your computer needs to worry about. I disagree.

3. Time Machine. I struggled with this quite a bit and blamed the application for the failures. Each time that I tried to allow it to run it would stall out at a different point. The application wasn't frozen but (see 1 and 2 above) was niced into inactivity by other less useful things. I disabled backup of all System stuff (you'll be prompted when you choose any directory below System), Applications, and all things external. My initial backup took a fair amount of time (60GB to an external firewire drive) but all backups since then have been seamless. Backing up the System folder seems kind of pointless as most of that stuff would be covered with an Archive and Install if things get ugly. Same deal for Applications which is less crucial as I haven't really figured out which were broken by the upgrade and which were not.

4. Stacks are fucking stupid. If I used a Downloads folder I might actually use this feature. I guess it's harmless but annoying the first time you expect the old folder in the dock behavior. All of the other interface changes are relatively inoffensive. I have a feeling that the dock will eventually become more configurable. It looks stupid but I keep mine microscopic in any case so there is little to offend. Quicksilver makes the dock a little less necessary all the time either way.

5. Spaces is way cooler than I thought it was going to be and when I say cool I mean something a little different. It functions the way I'm used to virtual desktop applications working and it is snappy performance-wise post-Spotlight debacle. Not sure if I like the grid arrangement very much, though. It reminds me a little of what Enlightenment has done with their virtual desktops for years albeit with a slightly less baffling interface. I just use mine with key commands anyway so it's hardly noticeable. I would love to see mouse wheel integration for switching desktops but I'm happy with an actively developed virtual desktop environment that doesn't completely suck right out of the gate.

That's as much use as I've gotten out of the new features as many are eye candy and not particularly useful for me. If I send you a piece of mail with stationary you have my permission to beat me to death the next time we meet face to face.

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