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Leopard Cups Shared Printer Fix

I'm glad that someone figured out a definitive fix for this kind of annoying behavior in Leopard: If you've got a shared printer connected to a *nix box via CUPS then Leopard will not see the printer. This annoyed the hell out of until I fixed it by copying all of the necessary fields from another Linux laptop and adding the correct info via the ever reliable http://localhost:631 interface but if you're not inclined to acknowledge the existence of CUPS or you just want it fixed quickly (a direction I would've taken if not preoccupied by consuming rage) then check out this post for a guide to enabling the necessary protocols for CUPS to act like it ought to. Thanks for thinking it through and making it available.

As a side note, I would love to hear the rationale for disabling this by default and making my Linux machines more capable out of the box than my MBP. Any clues what might prompt disabling it?

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