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The Stupid Solution Is Most Often The Correct Solution

I've expended too many keystrokes raging about browsers over the past few years but I think I've found one curative measure, at least on the Apple side of the fence, to keep me from force quitting another application or needlessly rebooting another machine. While I was enraged at yet another Opera versus both of my processors battle to the death, I opened the Disk Utility application and ran a Verify Permissions on my main drive. What I discovered was a gazillion item list that basically pointed to the Flash plugin (something I've often suspected was the cause of more than its fair share of spinning beach ball grief) as the wrong permissions having culprit of this particular caper. I know that Repair Permissions is the reboot of OS X troubleshooting and that often it is the waving of chicken bones over a problem in hopes that it will resolve itself but, in this case, it actually worked.

1. 60-80 percent CPU usage attributable mostly to Opera.
2. quit Opera. It doesn't quit. Force quit Opera. Hope that the hate doesn't over come me and drive me out to the streets where I will Force Quit people at random.
3. Repair permissions. Sigh audibly as I try the idiot solution.
4. Fire up Opera again and reload my entire session.
5. Reload a couple of pages just to make sure.
6. Nope. 4% CPU usage even when I open a couple more tabs with a couple of Flash heavy sites. Sweet victory.
7. Cats are rudely awakened by the sound of my palm impacting my forehead.
8. Remind self that sometimes the stupid solution is often the correct one.
9. Consider formulating my own novelty theory something along:

Idiot's Razor: A law that defines the most ideal solution to any problem can be found by following the advice you would offer an idiot.

but reconsider and instead eat potato chips.

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  1. wow, thanks for reminding me of that. i’ve had some freeze-up problems with some sites’ web 2.0/AJAX applications, or possibly their adsense modules or whatever the whatever, and it seems to be rough sailing on some days and completely smooth on others…..i wonder if those times i just need to wave the chicken bone. a friend of mine threw that one my way when i was getting the gray screen of death with the kanji script, and it saved my bacon.

    does windows XP have a similar under-the-hood option for bad system slowdown that seems to have something to do with paging, or too many web apps loaded, or virtual memory getting hung up or something like that? one of the culprits in the mix seems to be outlook but i’m not sure. rebooting has been an extremely temporary measure.

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