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Fish, Barrel, And The Media-Rich IntarWeb

I'll readily admit that I am a sucker for alarmist exploit headlines. I can't help the gleeful clicking through because more often than not they're either terribly funny stories of human incompetence or employ the use of some extension of an application that I didn't know existed for nefarious purposes. Delivery systems are often the most interesting because they usually rely on tricking users into action. This is nothing new as most of us have probably helped a friend or two rid a machine of the damned purple monkey that won't shut up. I'm often impressed by how clever some of the manipulations are and wonder if I hadn't read about the exploit before ever encountering it in the wild whether I might be a likely victim assuming that I was working on a platform that had a huge number of exploitable holes features or wasn't suspicious to the point of paranoia about pretty much everything.

Attacking Myspace accounts is about as challenging as mugging a baby so it's much less interesting. There isn't a whole lot interesting about people buying (yup, search and you will find) suites of scripts and trying clumsily to convince people to pwn their machines into a botnet by pretty colors, atrocious spelling, and offers of free shit that no one wants. It's fucking boring. What I'd like to see is a war between the folks who slop together botnet scripts and the people who do the Flash programming for the equally blinking/flashing/annoying advertising. You're both annoying hacks so kill each other and thin out the herd a little. This will save me some absent minded time wondering why I would want to help Santa Claus outdrink an elf in what is apparently an egg nog drinking contest. Seriously, consider a declaration of all out war against each other.

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