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Demonoid Down Again…

The groans were again heard around the world as (apparently) the CRIA threatened the hosting company where Demonoid hangs its collective hat. Now where will all of the comic books come from?

The actual placeholder text on the front page is kind of alarming:

The CRIA threatened the company renting the servers to us, and because of this it is not possible to keep the site online. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

and I may be reading too much into a statement that was hastily phrased but it sounds like the takedown might be a longer outage this time. Ack.

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  1. the statement makes it seem as if its gone for ever! is it so? i mean im sure there is other ways.

    demonoid is THE resource, it’s not just another tracker.


  2. Yeah no shit huh. This is crap man. Demonoid it one of the best sites for downloading apps. If all is true, they will probably have to move there servers again, and yes, the down time will be longer. CRIA will never shut Demonoid down!!!

  3. So unimpressed. Such a loss to the BT world. Sounds as though CRIA’s vigilantism is making them alot of(acronym-esque) enemies.. like




    Come back, Test drive some Uzbekistan servers. And then if that fails there’s always Azerbaijan. Or Kyrgyzstan… Turkmenistan Tajikistan Kazakhstan

  4. HOLY S***!

    This looks like a more prolonged downage, dare i say permanent???


  5. BRING IT BACK! WTH!?!?!

  6. Can’t believe it. OiNK and Demonoid. What’s happening! This really is a truly devastating day :(

  7. ce la vie. Remember when Canadians used to be more cheerful and agreeable? (…or at least portrayed that way in the media)

    It’ll be back up eventually. This might actually give me enough time to read the books I’ve had waiting on me for the last few weeks.


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