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Funny But Unessential…

There is a new and funny post at Dive Into Mark that parodies another article about installing MySQL on OS X from source. I'm a little baffled about both articles since MySQL is a dead easy install on either platform provided you use the binaries either from the uglier but freer version of your distribution or the installers available directly from MySQL.

I'm equally confused by why anyone would compile MySQL to begin with or why anyone would think that signing up for ADC to run an installer that is freely available directly from the developers. You can really, really crazy and download MySQL Administrator for any fucking platform that you hold close to your heart like a golden badge of moral kevlar and happy click, point, and squeal away. Strangely, I've done both binary installs recently first on a new install of Debian (which consequently comes free of any onerous licensing restrictions) and Leopard without problems. I'm going to chalk this up to OS patriotism and let the chuckles lie where they might.

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