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The Unusual Weirdness..

I've spent the last couple days writing on someone else's weblog for money. This is probably one of the worst ideas that has ever come to fruition. I feel like I'm lying as I write nothing but sparkly clean and sarcasm-free copy for whatever reason. The topics are all things that I'm overly familiar with but it still comes out sounding stiff, fake, and like I'm talking through a horrible Pollyanna sock puppet. On the other hand, it paid money. I profit from folks who think verbosity is somehow related to quality of writing. Lucky me. It's done but I'll probably have more to do...

Minutes later...
I forgot to mention that the people I've worked for recently have been incredibly nice, paid me about what my work is worth (which is killer for freelance), and give me a startling degree of freedom to make whatever they've asked me to do into an utter train wreck. Maybe it's just me or suddenly people have abysmally low expectations and are unusually kind?

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