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No Reason, Really

Yes, this is really old but I stumbled on it the other day while searching for something else and watched it a couple of times. Any video I watch more than twice usually ends up in one of these semi-pointless posts so I can refer people to the video without the "search for x-x-x-x on YouTube" spiel that usually accompanies this sort of stuff. Instead, just fucking click the play button.

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  1. The international conspiracy of digital BORGuise has gotten to you, I see. Including Flash on a free-software blog? Reencode it with AAlib and maybe I’ll take a look.

  2. That would make a lot more sense if I was the one who encoded it but it’s a linked object. The point here really is that I’m incredibly lazy. Just fire up that free software Macbook and watch. The only alternative there is pulling down the YouTube video (stealing, in their vernacular), reencoding, and then using my own bandwidth/storage space to host copyright infringing material. Free, yes. Wise, no.

  3. I remember seeing this on FuelTV not long ago – it was the basis of an episode of their action sports editing show.

    The Pro-Tec Pool Party Masters stuff is worth watching in decent res and there’s some new kid I keep seeing in street competitions whose style is a throwback. He never wins anything, but the guy has more style and technical skill than anyone else, but lacks the “big trick” that is required these days.

  4. Okay, that was pretty nifty.

    Is there some functional reason these videos are always shot with a fish-eye lense? Whenever I see one of these, I think that I’m watching a mid-90’s rap video.

  5. The fish eye has been pretty standard since I can remember for both still and video stuff. I think they use it because everything looks a little bit bigger and further with a wide angle lens. I know the specific model that most XXXTreem photographers use is also insanely expensive.

  6. Heh. Thanks for the Wiki link Kenneth. I just mentally refer to that song as the “House” music.

  7. Jim_here: The fisheye also allows the camera operator a lot more room for error in terms of focus and centering the shot. Very handy when you are following a moving target up close and have a low production budget.

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