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Protecting The Stupid From The Greedy: All ‘Teh’s and ‘!!!!!111’s Intentional

That title is unnecessarily mean I suppose as nearly everyone has fallen for scam torrents at least once or twice. TorrentFreak is offering advice to help the unacquainted avoid the crap from torrent sites. Most of what they had to say about it should already be common knowledge but a lot of the new kids (you know, with the stuck shift keys) don't seem to assimilate new information. I'm guessing that the actual advice delivered will have a smaller impact than the TF folks anticipated.

The best bits of advice in the entire article hinge on one another: read the comments attached to torrent listings and make sure you're pulling torrents from sites that are either closed/invite only or not overrun by morons. Demonoid, the horribly missed and mourned torrent site, was great for this. People there would rip you apart for creating torrents with proprietary formats or dependent on the 'win an iPod by completing these twenty five offers' style schemes in order to weasel a password for file access.

<Waaay Off topic>I miss that site more than anyone could imagine especially since Marvel has apparently lost their collective fucking mind and decided to pursue sites like Zcult that probably did more grunt work promoting comics than a million cheesy conventions and signings could ever do. I had a list of books that I intended to subscribe to when I found a job (I just did) and now I'm feeling like I really shouldn't.</End meandering>.

All of the things mentioned should be adhered to religiously and usually are by folks who pirate responsibly. The kids will probably never learn. Be sure to check out the comments on the article, though, as they actually add a lot to the discussion. Moral of the story: read the fucking comments. Also, don't be excited by small file sizes as you're often downloading pure and unadulterated trojans, look both ways before crossing the street, and try not to run with scissors.

Completely Stupid But Funny And Tangentially Related

In a discussion about the much maligned Domplayer on TorrentFreak is probably the most hilarious comment I've ever read. It left me with tears rolling down my face and a stomach ache so I'll share the good/bad-ness:

I just downloaded dom player and then i was instructed to download that another thing so i did that and then i got this nice banner on my browser i had never seen before.. on google! so i clicked it and now my computer is making fuck sounds and my mouse cursor turned to dick and i can’t remove it, and worst of all.. my desktop background changed to gay porn and i cannot change it!!!!


Ah, that really is the good stuff...

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