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Things I Usually Avoid Thinking About

I've mentioned that I'm diabetic here before but it isn't something that typically crosses over between the realms of being parked in front of a keyboard for most of my functional hours and the dreaded need for paying close attention to things that most people just plain fail to notice that creeps into all areas of life that don't focus on machines. Anyway, I started using SugarStats recently and thought it was worth mentioning here.

SugarStats is one of the few tracking solutions that I'll stick with for any extended period of time. I've tried other methods of keeping track of things from dead trees to desktop applications but they are all kind of a pain in the ass or require a certain thing to be in my possession all the time. Web accessible tracking takes a lot of the tedium out of the process and yields a lot of bonus effects as an aside. One of the super handy functions is that you can submit data via email or (if you're insane) via Twitter. The other compelling function is the public availability of your stats (obviously optional if only to stay HIPAA compliant and out of legal difficulties) which makes presenting data to a doctor much simpler and doesn't entail dragging a paper source in for office visits.

There is also a paid version of SS that banishes the advertising and allows submission via glucose meter and other niftiness. I'll probably pass on that but I'm actually excited to try a tracking method that fits my geeky lifestyle. Cool part is that I haven't messed with a number of the available stats yet and I'm sure I'm still missing some cool functionality that I won't know about until I actually need it.

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