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The Definition Wasn’t Entirely Wrong

Since I'm setting up a huge amount of new workstations, need to use IE as Charon's ferry from the world of the living to the dark regions of Windows Update, and tend to read if not absorb text that flashes before my eyes, a lot of news bits I wouldn't ordinarily seek out have crossed my periphery. The only one that has made me chuckle so far today is the accidental inclusion of Windows Explorer in Kaspersky's virus definitions. The inaccuracy of this is arguable and I would actually consider purchasing a product that effectively quarantined explorer.exe. Maybe it's time to break off that chunk of functionality and market a brand new product? The down side is that it hosed machines that were set to delete infected files rather than quarantining them as you're not doing a whole lot in a Windows environment without explorer. Good stuff.

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  1. … yeah… I just keep wishing ReactOS was done and working. So much to do.

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