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The Cafeteria Has Exhausted Their Shit Sandwich Supply

I started a new job. I actually started working there a couple of weeks ago but I’m getting ready to return from vacation days and realized that I’ve been completely silent about it. This seems especially heinous since I whined about my job seeking difficulties more times than anyone would ever want to read about (this includes real life friends who might care about something other than my ham-fisted attempts at making technology do what I think it ought to) and hit more than a few of you up for useful advice, good lies to tell, and as references. I like the new job. For the obvious reasons I’m not going to mention the specifics because I like the new job and don’t wish to be forcibly ejected from it after saying something stupid.

The real key to this workplace success (begin the unrolling of motivational posters and cue the shitty oh-lift-us-up-where-we-belong music here) is that people leave me the fuck alone and let me get my work done which is great since I’m doing work for them as opposed to some hallucinatory bottom line or the greater good or whatever other insipid concept was most recently hatched at a management conference. There seems to be a clear connection in most people’s heads between me having the space and time to accomplish real work and the reduction of computer related misery. Jesus. What took common sense so long to get here? I suppose that the mere act of hiring someone to RTFM for you assumes certain entitlement issues but I’m pretty happy for the moment.

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