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Welcome To The Depressing Future Of Social Interaction

I’m pretty much clueless about the world of online dating or marriage arranging or whatever the fuck it is billed as these days. I’ve heard that some of my not-so close friends have mucked around in it with varying degrees of success but it creeps me the fuck out. It seems like another layer of separation between busy people and some kind of functioning social world that doesn’t involve commonalities derived from a list of interests and a credit card number thrust into the void and driven by desperation. Maybe I’m too cynical. And spoiled. Nonetheless, this NYT article about the advertising strategies of two dating services only added to the creepy feeling I get when I see those banner ads. The crushing feeling of ick doesn’t come from the actual services rendered (except for right now after typing that. Ick ick ick.) but rather from the excuses eHarmony is making to avoid matching same sex couples or anything other alt sexual preferences it doesn’t deem appropriate for bible humping Eugenics:

EHarmony’s matching system is based on psychological data collected from heterosexual married couples, and we have not offered a service for those seeking same-sex matches.

I know that even using the term eugenics in this situation was hyperbole but considering the quote above I will withhold any further assumption of exaggeration. Now I will seek out soap and scour off some of this ick.

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