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Trying To Figure Out The Scale Of Time Passing

While procrastinating on some work that I need to have finished by Monday (and Friday night into Saturday morning is a fine place to begin the process of procrastination) I started thinking about how little sense I have of time passing. My figures are invariably wrong when I try to figure out how long it has been since anything happened. I hesitate to open up a can of worms like time dyslexia but you get the idea.

One of the spans I was trying to figure out was how long it has been since I switched from Movable Type to WordPress. Turns out it's been nearly four years (!) since I made my hasty retreat from ambiguously licensed software. Turns out that I've been using WordPress longer than I've been married. I think my inability to contextualize the passage of time is a self defense mechanism. Trying to isolate a single incident (and one of little importance in the larger scheme of things) within other events gives me a creepy kind of headache. In the future I believe I will abstain entirely.

Oh, for the sake of my own future reference: first post after migration. Weird.

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