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A Relationship Based On Dread And Excellence

Before staggering off to bed I tend to power skim magazine sites to see if anything interesting has appeared since the last visit. It works out best for the traditional publications as they seem to adhere to the monthly publishing schedule -- that way when something that would genuinely interest me as opposed to just piquing errant curiosity shows up there it is much more likely that I'll actually read it. Slow down the pace a bit and I may actually notice something worthwhile. I often think that it is far past time to dispatch with a feed reader entirely and to dive back in to just reading things that aren't recommended and endorsed by people who I share no interests with.

The New Yorker has an insanely engrossing article on the relationship that Raymond Carver had with his editor and how often the two came into conflict. I find this disturbing because I absolutely love Carver and to think that a goodly portion of his published output was harshly pared (at times halved) by an editor is irksome. Aside from that troubling bit this article really does expose some of the unique relationships that emerge between editors and writers. Carver's wife is actually working at the restoration of one of the gutted collections of stories which I'm looking forward to.

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