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I Probably Need To Stop Reading Comments

The masochistic need to see what the Archie Bunker's of computing had to say about the Macbook Air I followed the link in from Gruberland and wasn't persuaded of anything much less caring about software running on the latest and cheapest from ScamTime!!!! House of Clearance or whatever. It reminds me of the typical Linux review by Windows guys who were all huffy that the flashy eye candy wouldn't run unrealistically fast on their six year old doorstop machine dragged up from the basement where its 'Designed for Windows 98SE' sticker can gleam insipidly in the light of day once again.

So, that wasn't really the point of this post. What was really vexing more than anything else about this article was the weird string of mass commenting go on by a few people in their best faux columnist perfect pitch. Seriously, go read through some of the comments and it's a little like watching the official PCWorld blogger hatch larval young or worse. I understand when the conversation is interesting and there is a certain degree of non-stupid interaction going on within a comment thread but I'm not sure that I quite grok the multi-comment and audience-less soliloquy action.

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