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A Pox On Your Calendar

Since intermittent posting with occasional breaks for dumping the interesting link with little more than a sentence or two to provide context is like the new black I'm feeling pretty hep these days. I've been incredibly busy but not really busy doing things that translate well into little 'dotes like these.

Things I've been thinking about:

1. Parenthood is just around the corner (well July anyway) and I've been thinking a lot about how I spend my time and would like to continue to mismanage my time. Here is the short version of my worry: I really, really dig the spare moments rather than full on event participation (I may even hate this) or time purposely alloted for leisure activities. I get up earlier than I need to and seldom hit the sheets before the next day has begun because I crave the sort of empty time that allows for thinking, reading, writing, and the the other essential stuff that doesn't feed me or entertain cats. How do people deal with this? Do you swear off slack time like an ascetic or is there some strategy that I'm likely overlooking?

2. MS SQL server. What. The. Fuck. I've never had to deal with this collection of disasters before and now I am wishing that I could douse myself in some kind of SQLServerAgent removing cream. Is the CPU above 70%? Are there a million processes blocking one another for no apparent reason? Is the administration of it less like actually maintaining something concrete and more like a bad office joke in circulation that involves horse shoes and hand grenades in the punchline? Are the errors worse than useless because they send you searching around the web only to find other people wringing their hands over the same useless errors for entirely different reasons? Awesome. I've looked for far too many hours into this inky blackness hoping for a glimmer of light or any sign that this system is anything other than a generator for tears and entropy and the abyss is staring back into me with no empathy at all. I wonder how people do anything with this other than organize recipes and then I remember Access and then I just have to try to forget.

No links. No sleep. No no no.

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