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Because 16 Flavors Of Obscurity Weren’t Enough

I added the Art (actually 'Art Art Cut A Fart' because I'm classy like that) category because I've been reading a lot more, uh, artsy stuff lately and I wanted to clearly delineate between that and the more technology-related stuff. The tech news sites have been really boring lately which probably has less to do with their content and more to do with me just not being all that interested in incremental (viva revolution!) updates to the same old crap and the endless streams of lawsuits and acquisitions. The past few years have made me a lot more platform agnostic and my opinions just aren't as vicious (read: fun to rant about) as they once were. That stuff won't go away but I'm not going to talk about something that barely interests me like version bumps. Actually, no one should really be that interested in that sort of news.

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