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The Wonderment That Follows Cluelessness

Classical music is fucking strange and I don't mean that in the simple sense that the acknowledged classical music was composed entirely by people dead for centuries instead of the usual standards of decades or even years. I've never been a fan because classical music works a little like the way churches work: you're welcome and they're always trying to recruit but really they would prefer to recruit you away from another franchise to avoid all of that awkward learning stuff and to get you straight away into clock punching your way through some sermons or half-smiling and limp handshaking your way through some community event. It all feels too much like a trip to the DMV only with lesser tangible returns. The performance (because god knows it isn't anything informal) is another established ritual that people feel obligated to slouch their well clad asses through and demands codified behavior to even participate as a politely clapping observer.

This review of 'new venues' really speaks volumes about how uncomfortable the traditional performance really is. This critic is excited because *gasp* people seem to actually enjoy the music instead of the dress up, get dinner, observe concert, blah blah blah routine. This shouldn't astound people and generally it doesn't. The classical fans are the exception because I'm convinced that they are unable to separate the music part of the deal from the event part. I'd rather go to the fucking DMV on a Friday afternoon. At least there is a point in that venture. I guess I'm actually kind of stoked that classical clients (yeah, I know that is getting a little old) are actually attending events outside the normal monochrome spectrum of classical venues but I'm a little taken aback by how new and revolutionary they're perceiving something that I've done (albeit in an even scruffier and less moneyed format) for most of my life.

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