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Old New News Brought To You By Assholes

Once again the White House is trying to kill public radio by eliminating funding for it systematically. The article says that such budget cuts have been overturned by Congress in past attempts but, at the same time, if you've ever contemplated giving some money to NPR during one of those heartbreaking donation drive weeks then now would probably be the time to go for membership status. Apparently all of the money necessary to actually pay for broadcast media that isn't poisonous shit is earmarked for faith based initiatives wherein all of the problems facing us as broke ass Americans are solved by bingo, bake sales, and white knuckled abstinence. I'm going to belly up at some point (when the debt is less mountainous) and you should too if only to deliver a fuck you to GovCo and all of his snake fondling cronies in the only language they understand excepting the fact that we likely work for our dollars instead of inheriting them.

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