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Some Easier Ways

A couple people mentioned the ingenious .htaccessEditor today and because I dread making anything but the most superficial alterations to my own collection of .htaccess files I was excited to check it out. This is the perfect implementation for a web application because it does translation work that is used seldom enough that few people have got the expected syntax memorized and it walks you through the process of creating a brand new file but is also open ended enough to allow for quick alterations to existing files by adding the new crap you need and retrieving it from the output field with very little fuss.

I ordered this litter box today because I really want automagical poop scooping although most of the available options are typically way too expensive and seem destined for mechanical failure. Some of the reviews that I read were critical of its durability and difficulty of use (guess gravity is moving into the advanced realm of consumer knowledge these days) but weighed against the nearly unanimous hatred of the mechanical/powered boxes for failure after failure I didn't have to consider it for too long. I'm also leery of electrically powered machines being near a designated pee spot. The thought of a paw getting mangled by some relentless, belt driven turd rake also gives me nightmares. Cats and autonomously moving parts are too ammonia and bleach for the sake of my sanity.

If anyone else is using the Beta 3 version of Firefox and is sick to death of that esthetically crippled browser history bar there is now a solution. Actually, there was an about:config entry in earlier betas that allowed the sane to toggle that crap away but it was removed because everyone knows that the gateway to becoming the new IE is ignoring what users want. Luckily we've got this addon to restore functionality to a testing version of the browser that so far has (partially) won me back over. I do resent the fact that a bleeding edge version of FF is the only one that I've used in years that doesn't require more system resources than WoW just to have a couple tabs open for more than twenty minutes. I have little faith but I'm enjoying the compatibility while it lasts.

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