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Because Unhappy Workers Treated Like Children Are Productive Workers, Right?

Some of the users I support (and I *heart* my lusers) pointed me in the direction of this Wall Street Journal article (old and dusty to many, I'm sure)talking about the horrific impact of video sites (and, gasp, high quality video becoming more readily available) on business networks. The rocket scientists in charge of small business networks are rapidly adopting blocking appliances and completely blocking access to sites like YouTube and MySpace after taking a perfunctory look at how much bandwidth those sites were drawing through their networks. I'm assuming that most of these beacons of networking knowledge are running Windows networks (as I sadly am) but cannot find the Google button in order to look up 'throttling' which can be implementing on the domain controller through some registry edits or by buying a piece of software.

The actual methods used are pretty immaterial though when compared with the atrocious attitude you'd inherently need towards your users in order to simply deny access to things that people like to use during their lunch hour (ie. that time that people are often sort of working when they really shouldn't be) and treat them like imbeciles. My guess (and I'm not sure how much of a stretch this really is) that most of the admins in question have no idea what the fuck they're doing and are simply reacting like most clueless bastards do by running around in 'the sky is falling mode' instead of doing a weensy bit of research and/or planning. I've been on the other side of this counter in the past where particularly clueless network security folks would completely block access to stuff like outbound IRC traffic because they read a bulletin about viruses using IRC networks. The same genius decided one day (albeit after an outbreak) that all ICMP traffic needed to be blocked. Combine this with a Windows admin who spent most of his time figuring out how to fit more workouts into the work day and you've got a whole lotta Windows 2000 users who can no longer log in to a domain. If you willfully refuse to understand protocols and how they interact with useful and legitimate network traffic you are doomed to have wrathful users working around all the blocking technology you try to strap on your network and I won't blame them at all.

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  1. Being a networking guy, I am compelled to remind you there is no such thing as “Windows Networks.” There are networks with Windows on them, but the network itself would survive long after Windows has been relegated to the dustbin of history.

  2. At my place of servitude every single machine on the network (excepting the Google mini) is a Windows machine and every server is Windows including the domain controller. ‘Environment’ is probably a better word for it, I guess. The gist for me is that I reboot things and restart services pretty frequently.

  3. I understand and sympathize. At least the “fix” is usually easy – hold the power button for 10 seconds and let nature work it’s course.

    I developed my corrective attitude working in a similar environment where folks seemed to think Windows was solely responsible for the network, DNS, the intarweb and those really weird Wonka snacks in the vending machines.

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