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Reference To A "Can of Worms" In This Context Is Just Asking For It

Maybe I'm an asshole (well, duh) but I cannot see the draw to fantasy fishing. Doesn't that sort of thing require some kind of flamboyance or something equivalent. I suppose now that Nascar is huge and Christianity in the US is mandatory all redneck pastimes are open to exploitation for large sums of food stamps hot and/or heavy cash1.


1. This does not imply that fishing is something that only stupid people do. Paying attention to professional fishermen might.

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  1. Fantasy fishing?! Wow. Here I thought I was a goober for being in a fantasy football league.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love fishing. GOING fishing, not watching fishing, or worse yet, keeping stats on other people fishing.

    But then again, I do watch pro wrestling, so I guess everyone’s got their demons.

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