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How To Not Write Anything Forever

So, I've upgraded WordPress twice since I've last posted anything which has more to do with an overall disinterest in most matters technical, utter lack of any programming or interest in it, and, of course, the titanic crack rock we affectionately refer to as Warcrack. I finally crumbled and staggered into the mess of MMORPG spirit crushing and I've been absorbed to say the very least.

One thing that has impressed me perhaps the most about my couple months tenancy in Azeroth is how it is basically a motherhuge social network that has an artificially generated (albeit more interesting) common ground than most '2.0 social networking crud although it does lack the step remove typical of other social networking. This is something I think about fondly when typing '/ignore someannoying12yearold' for the fifteenth time in a given night. When you're having a serious discussion about baby names with other current and future fathers in guild chat is when you realize exactly how weird online gaming can really be. As in any game, there is a fair amount of tedium necessitated by the do thing thing to level so you can do different things to level structure but I'm a tank so I have less tedium than others might. In fact, tanking large enough instances is stressful enough to make me really enjoy the more floppy and formless quest and grind stuff.

So, that's where I've been and will likely remain until Oscar shows up and then I dunno. I won't declare this site dead or anything as dramatic/stupid as that but the general lapse in content will continue as long as my apathy towards most things that wouldn't be utterly irritating to write about occupies me.

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  1. I also thought about giving up blogging recently, until I realized how satisfying it is to have a PR4 website that I can say “LEE SIEGEL IS A JENKEM HUFFING PEDOPHILE” and get away with it.

  2. So what realm are you on?

  3. I’m on Shandris. Ichorstix is my main but I’ve got a few alts kicking around as well that I haven’t been working very hard at leveling. Horde, obviously.

  4. /puts on his cape and wizard hat

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