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All About The Sleeve

I bookmarked this story about art constructed from living mouse stem cells while I was wrestling with a ton of broken hardware yesterday and am finally coming back to it now. There are so many jagged angles to consider when thinking about both the methodology behind the exhibit and also about its 'killing.' If nothing else, it is a pretty fascinating look at the abstraction of ethical dilemma as the museum curator voices serious qualms about disconnecting the exhibit from nutrition despite the fact that it's degrading as a visual and growing too quickly to be contained in its original container.

The hot quote, of course:

Paola Antonelli, a senior curator at the museum, had to kill the coat. “It was growing too much,” she said in an interview from a conference in Belgrade. The cells were multiplying so fast that the incubator was beginning to clog. Also, a sleeve was falling off.

This is probably too sticky a matter to discuss at much length in a place where I normally make fun of things so I'll just let it go at that.

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