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Oscar was born on July 20 at 1:10 am. We're delighted, scared, and insanely tired. I'm unsure how many more photos of the little guy will actually be posted in public places if not for the sake of safety than for the fact that I just don't like having real life connections to this site. It's far too difficult to explain in terms that wouldn't make me sound like a lunatic but maintaining that separation is kind of important to me.

In any case, he's at home now and we love him way too much.

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  1. So many congrats! He’s a cute little guy.

  2. Congratulations! What a surprise, I mean for me, you must have been expecting him! Get some rest!

  3. Oh, what a little sweetheart. Congratulations to all three of you!

  4. Congratulations!

  5. Congrats!

    Totally with you on the life firewall too, btw.

  6. congratulations, a very beautiful little person there. oh, and hi, long time no see!

  7. Holy cow! Is this where you’ve been? Criminy! I don’t think I even knew this little feller was on the way. Seriously, congratulations. Not that you’ll be short on advice, I’m sure, but sleep when he sleeps, both of you (adults). The dishes can wait, leastwise until the roaches start encroaching. :-) Welcome to the brotherhood, man.

  8. sorry i’m late to the happy congratulations bus. welcome to the parents’ club! i am sure that you will find it one of the most soul-shatteringly challenging and yet overwhelmingly joyful experience of your life.
    mazel tov!

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