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I set up Invest In Kevlar last night so I'm officially ceasing to post here for at least a little while (ah, specificity) because I don't pay much attention to technology these days. I do spend a lot of time thinking about books and politics, though. I'm not sure exactly what that makes me.


May Require Restart

I haven't had a lot of spare minutes in the last couple of months and it makes me look on this site as a lost cause of sorts. It would be easy to say that the appearance of Oscar in my life has prompted this abandonment but he is only a contributing factor albeit the most important of them. I'm just not that interested in technology at the moment. And by moment I mean over the past eight or so months and not some fit of ennui stemming from several weeks of a news strata dominated by press releases and precious little else. I could also lay some of this blame on my workplace because although I function as a hybrid of a system administrator, desktop support person, and guy who lifts heavy stuff there is little on my to-do list that is interesting or that even requires me to learn anything new. Much of my network and the servers that live on it were either configured by outside consultants before I started there or were left at defaults so I do occasionally find something missing or an unnecessary service flapping in the breeze but other than that, it's uninteresting even to me.

What I have been thinking a lot about is simply scrapping Team Murder in the sense of simply ceasing to write anything new here. I'll likely keep this site online as long as I have the spare change and mental acuity necessary to remember to renew the domain but nothing about here really piques my interest. So, I'll probably start something new that deals less with technology, though I'm mired in it occupationally, and more to do with books and American politics. I've paid more attention to both of those subjects in the past four months than I have for decades. Reading things on the dead tree format (other than newspapers since that arrangement still makes absolutely no sense to me) is starting to appeal again and obsessively monitoring Fresh News and other trackers of all things tech industry gives me a headache. I suppose I should take small comforts in the fact that it still all makes sense to me but I'm not drawn to weigh any of the conclusions as I normally would.

This should bring some kind of oh noes response and some cheap diagnosis of getting old but then I read Dick Cavett's examination of John McCain's anger problem/public relations problem and felt better when this gem turned up among the list of things that made Cavett angry:

This one deserves caps: “AOL HAS UNEXPECTEDLY QUIT.” (Remove the “Un” and you have the galling truth.)

Dude, seriously?

More on the next deal when I come up with an appropriate domain name and decide on the format. I'm not sure that the spare weblog is particularly fitting.

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