Team Murder No Brain No Headache.


Man, That Nap Was Long and Kind Of Sucked

For whatever it's worth, I've decided to start writing here again and not worry so much about whether what my spleen decides to excrete and I pass along to you is consistent with thematic concerns. Apparently sometime around last October I had some kind of existential crisis and decided that Team Murder was some kind of thematically pure endeavor. The other name for this is temporary brain damage. I'm sort of back with less a little less time (fatherhood) and less patience (duh) so I'm leaving things just like that.

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  1. Yes! I knew keeping you in my RSS reader was a good idea.

  2. Thanks! There are few things better than picking up a familiar shovel with renewed energy and actually having people notice. I added you to the overly long links category over to the right.

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