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Hard Drive Enclosure Recommendations?

Yet another drive enclosure piddled out this morning making Time Machine throw a bunch of errors and making me feel like the data on my MBP is somehow irreplaceable. This marks something like the third enclosure I've blown through since the Leopard upgrade.

Things I need:

capacity for drives up to/above 1 TB

controllable fans are always nice so I don't have to listen to the ever revving sounds of cheap components grinding away while I'm trying to think.

USB2/Firewire. either works but both are nice

A fairly standard power cable so when Bug inevitably chews through it I can replace it without buying a model specific cable. I can't begin to estimate how many MagSafe adapters I've purchased in the past couple of years thanks to Sir Gnaws-A-Lot.

Things I don't need:

Any of that one touch crap because it's nearly useless

Pretty lights.

Raid capability. I'd buy a Drobo if I thought it was worth the expenditure.

Any clues would be appreciated.

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