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Short Notes About Some Pretty Things

Well, two of them...

1. The Gentoo web site got an impressive makeover that adds a bunch of content from Packages and Planet Gentoo which is much nicer than the previous little paragraphs. I'm really hoping that Packages will eventually gain some of its old functionality back because it was one of the best package listing sites I've ever seen. In it's present state you cannot even search. Sigh.

2. Gimp FX Foundry is crazy awesome. I had no idea it existed until I read about it here via a tutorial but a half dozen "wow, holy shit"'s later I had a whole lot more scripting functionality going in the Gimp. I've always thought the installed base of effects was actually impressive given that they were just bundled in as part of the application but some of these scripts are amazing. As is nearly always the case, some Photoshop-esque functionality is the inspiration for a lot of the effects but then again how many years of darkroom and negative manipulation inspired the filters Adobe includes?

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