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Some Things Before I Pass Out At 9 PM On A Friday Night

I'm tired and no amount of this brutally strong press of Peets French Roast I just made is going to keep me vertical for very much longer so I'm just going to dump some links with minimal explication. I'm trusting that most of you can read.

1. Jo Shields eloquently and more calmly than the situation really calls for explains why Mono isn't going to be the undoing of FOSS by raining MSFT-dependence and a hail of lawyers down upon our heads. I admire people with this much patience and goodwill in them. When you're essentially dealing with a bunch of Ubuntards who got all bunched up on a couple different sites about the evil conspiracy to keep them down as users by including functional and quickly expanded software as part of the default set of packages included in the installation, one shouldn't feel obligated to explain your motivations to a bunch of lusers who blatantly accuse you of being a shadowy MSFT operative for making software using libraries that share functionality with MSFT product. It reminds me a little bit of what we called 'taste vegans': people who couldn't stand the idea of eating fake meat product because it simulated the taste of animal products. Whatever makes you feel better about your shallow understanding of the topic at hand I guess.

2. The generation of purposely corrupted Office documents for the purpose of extending assignment deadlines for profit is kind of amusing. I can't find much disdain for this service because it provides props for potentially hilarious dramas more or less. If you're not clever enough to do something really technologically advanced like twiddling system time before handing in the real assignment then you're sort of asking for it.

3. I guess that's really it. Now it is time for sleep. I hate you sleep.

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