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I Hope This Isn’t Skynet…

Unless you actually use Opera (I do! I do!) and leave the default settings in place (I'm lame, I'm lame) you may not have heard much about the whole Freedom page rumor-ocalypse. Luckily the announcement is supposed to come tomorrow so I can stop reading weird and paranoid speculation and momentarily wonder if the paranoid/insane are incorrect.

The text hidden in the page source is up to this now:

We start our little story with the invention of the modern day computer. Over the years, the computers grew in numbers, and the next natural step in the evolution was to connect them together. To share things. But as these little networks grew, some computers gained more power than the rest and called themselves servers. Today, millions of people are connected together in a great web ...

I imagine this means that the embedded server everyone has been frantically wishing into existence might actually happen. What this means in reality is that a lot of us are going to spend huge amounts of time fucking around with new builds of Opera tomorrow and then be bitterly disappointed that the new version of the client doesn't poop out unicorns

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