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More Libre, Less Gimme Gimme

I like it when freely available resources have a purpose other than simply providing free shit for people to overuse. Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon is a great example of this. While it is a collection of Creative Commons licensed images, it also seeks to be culturally relevant for the purpose of language learning. This collection is driven by a real goal that intrinsically requires participation from folks all over the world. The site's creator has this to say on the front page:

As a language teacher and learner, I always seek to connect language, culture, and meaning. This site represents my interest to not only write about language learning, but provide concrete examples.

Our world rich in diversity, both linguistic and visual, and often the connection between word and image can be lost. As commercial globalization brings the world together through 'common products', we sometimes forget how our visual perception of the world affects our use of words and the meanings they convey.

It might not be immediately useful for many people in the United States but for linguistics and teachers of language looking for visual learning aids this will develop into a very valuable collection available for ready use. To me, that is really what it is all about.

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