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Elitist Jerks Browser

This probably doesn't matter to you at all if you're not one of the legion of slack jawed, sleep deprived, gear perverts latched onto the massive teat of World of Warcraft but Opera and Elitist Jerks have put together a special edition of the browser all configured to make you wet your pants (if you're into Elitist Jerks at all) and maybe even use a browser that doesn't totally suck. Unfortunately, you'll need to use one of the more sucky operating systems in order to use it as it's only available for Windows and OS X. I'll probably take it for a test drive when I get home tonight as switching to the XP side of the KVM makes me twitchy.

Later that night:

I installed the Elitist Jerks browser on a Windows XP box at work and on my Apple laptop at home. It's Opera so that is a plus and also has a ton of categorized links to WoW related sites (although many of them are official forums) and preconfigured RSS feeds for an equal number of useful news sites. Obviously all of this would be much more helpful if you're running raids and playing the game with progression in mind. A year ago I would've found this ridiculously handy but now it just makes me wish I had more time to play.

Also, heads up to for bringing this somewhat amusing development to my often straying attention.

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