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Don’t Forget: Opera Unite HowTo’s

I still haven't had the spare brain cells to look too closely at the actual client level implementation of Opera Unite (as I'm seldom on either a Windows machine or my MBP with the exception of using it to play World of Warcraft long enough to really monkey with a technology that isn't crucial to either my work or my play) but I do intend to mess with it sometime after the next major project is close to buttoned up.

One of the places where I've found a huge amount of useful information is Opera Unite HowTo's which is assembled by someone interested in the technology and isn't tied directly to Opera so it's a pretty interesting take on what Unite is capable of.Despite being all but peed on by most FOSS advocates (and I include myself in this vast and shadowy generalization) Opera has managed to assemble an awesome community of users who come up with all sorts of cool ways to take advantage of the Opera toolbox. It's very heartening.

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