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Things Half Done While Eating

Too busy to spend much time playing on the web today which is typical for the start of the work week but disheartening nonetheless. I've barely spent more than a few minutes in front of a (functioning) computer today but here are some things I noticed:

1. As much as I've tired of the ridiculous fear mongering over Mono being included in package sets (it's not a default install, okay?) and the resulting forum vomiting that has taken place since (this has also spread to and the like as well with a million different posts TinyURLing the rms opinion on the subject), I do enjoy it when people come up instructions on how to exorcise all of the imaginary bogeymen from your install rather than just spastically spamming the hell out of every Linux news site with unrelated comments on any given post. On the other side of the coin, you've got stuff like Mononono which just breaks the dependency tree in dpkg to make sure no demons get in. To be fair, it's a good implementation of a terrible idea. Good/bad work.

2. I had no idea that up until recently it was illegal to collect rainwater in Colorado. It becomes sort of comical when cast in terms of water rights and property ownership but I'm happy that it's been removed from law. The fact that 97% of precipitation was getting no where near streams and rivers is a study that should've been done long before people were concealing their water collection barrels but this is still a happier outcome for all parties involved.

3. Box-Look is a theme site for all of your favorite minimalist window managers of the *box variety and some pekwm stuff as well. I'm not living in Fluxbox nearly as often as I did in the past but it's still exciting to have all kinds of eye candy that doesn't weigh heavily on your processor to organized into a single place.

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