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No, You’re Glacial, Pal!

It looks like Debian has finally caved (at least a little) and moved to a time-based release schedule. This is always a little weird because if you're really looking to run stable then the current version (presumably with some backports) is about as up to date as you need barring anything new and sexy you might need. Otherwise, the testing and unstable branches are always there with newer stuff. You take a slight stability hit there but if you're working on a server then new and flashy isn't what you need in any case.

The idea of Debian releases and the ensuing and tedious commentary about how slow they move along has always been confusing to me. The commentary obviously comes from folks who install from media and can't bring themselves to type: apt-get update after the initial installation. Do the installation, pick your branch, and keep using it until the hardware stops working. What more could you want? Apparently something to mark on your calendar? Regardless of the stupidity that drives user demand for it, hats off to the Debian team for committing to meet this goal.

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