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Drive Space Is Never Cheap When You’re Crazy

I was reminded again today how oblivious I am about drive space despite the fact that my smallest HD in any machine is 160 GB. Matt mentioned OS X optimization and in a post and linked Monolingual. It basically just disposes of unnecessary language packs for OS X which are numerous and space hungry. For me, this meant 19.3 GB of freed space.

This might be the old guy in me talking who can still remember 2 GB drives seeming like a universe of drive space but that guy would also be talking about a time before less expensive (I almost said 'cheap' but that never seems to the case in the United States) high speed access and the proliferation of bit torrent driven files that eat up huge amounts of space for files you're likely to forget about in the span of a week. Still, nearly twenty gigs of space isn't something I should be forgetting about. Ouch.

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