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The Sad Pile Of Greyish Ashes At The End Of The Week

I've been off doing other things like recording music and writing/reading a ton of code (some of it is my own and, in that case, reading is less straightforward than I would like it to be) and other things a lot less entertaining than just reading, reflecting, and writing about ideas. Ideas in the abstract just cause a whole lot less brain damage than figuring out why something modeled after examples in the official documentation don't fucking work. I've hit my brain damage quota and saturation point at least a couple of times in the last month or so and I need an hour of distraction.

The scary part about this post is that I started writing it well over a week ago and now I come back to it, with only like 50 words written and so tired I feel like I'm ready to collapse on my keyboard, to do one of the massive idea dumps that spelled the near demise of Team Murder.

There was a bunch of hand wringing over Robert Scoble's inclusion in a recent WordPress worm that fucked up old installations of WordPress. Guess what folks? You need to keep web facing installations of anything current and if you can't then go with hosted services. This isn't a difficult concept. Either keep up with security (reminding me that the protagonist in this somewhat pathetic melodrama was formerly a MSFT employee and an evangelist much less) or you look for a hosted environment where you can fuck around without getting taken for a ride. It's nearly as binary as I'm presenting it. Applications that you install on web server need to be maintained. We've seen minor versions of this same sort of attack happen again and again and to blame the particular application when they've done more than many others to ensure that upgrades are fairly painless is unfair.

I made a couple of physical switches of computers to Arch and I think my heart is there too. I've had nothing but good stuff happen while using it and all of my machines have close to 100% of the functionality that I want and have next to zero that I don't want. I'm starting to understand a lot of why the fanboy approach to this distribution.

It's the anniversary of that terrible day again eight years after I managed to know nothing about it until far far into the PM. I'm glad that it's nearly finished without any basic rights being eroded, a minimum of people in the Midwest crying about some shit they saw on tee vee that happened in a place they formerly considered less than a single step removed from Gomorrah while flags wave and eagles cry, and no one dying senseless and terrible deaths. Feel free to get all pissy in a comment I'll delete to speed the outright destruction of America.

I'm working on a new application using RoR and beginning to understand why people are so butt crazy (this is the polar opposite of 'butt hurt.' Thanks for playing) about it. It reminds a whole lot of my first Python outings in the best possible sense. I do get pretty pissed off about its failure when an exclamation point is in included in your MySQL password. That kind of silent error is the kind that enrages me even while the rest of the feature parade has me ecstatic. I don't even know which part of the stack to blame so I'll just grumble on off to bed all butt hurt and glad that I'm not baffled about the failure of MySQL to play nice with Rails.

The aforementioned bone tiredness is what I will blame for posting this incredibly mediocre pile of words without any proofreading at all. I'm always happy (although not giddy or anything) to disappoint. A quick trip into the Aspell dunking tank for a half assed moistening is about all I've got the energy for.

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