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Chrome For A While

I'm trying out Chrome as my primary browser on this machine for a couple of days. I've converted all of my *nix boxes back to Debian because, whether I'm comfortable admitting or not, I like the way that things work in Deb land and most other distributions are frustrating. I'm even running the stock kernel (2.6.30-2-686) which doesn't happen very often.

Anyway, back to Chrome because that was my intent when I opened emacs to write this. I installed the developer release straight from the mouth of the beast which seems wiser than the community built Chromium releases that I've found pretty crashy and not very much fun. Most of those early builds were missing any of preferences which are scant but at least accessible on this version. I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to run Chrome and control which fonts it uses. Right now, that isn't a presented option which was disappointing because I do a fair amount of reading from web sites and being unable to bypass the demonic urges that cause some folks to force us to read in small, serif fonts is making me kinda headachey.

Other than that rather small glitch (which is perfectly acceptable for somethng that is released for developers), my Chrome use has been really stable and easy on resources. It's a much lighter browser than Firefox by miles and with the inclusion of Flashblock basically disappears from the process landscape when I'm not actively using it. This works out great for me since I typically have somewhere between 15 and 30 tabs open in a browser. I tend to open links people have mailed me or from things I want to read from an RSS reader and Chrome has yet to freak out and freeze or crash. That is exactly what I needed and here's hoping that the eventual move from beta to something closer to a final release doesn't change that sentiment drastically. Remember when Phoenix was jaw droppingly awesome? Sigh.

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