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Quiet, Lame, And Suitably Tired

I haven't posted much here over the past few months and I can't say that I feel much of anything about that. I can't really feel any sort of guilt or sense of laziness about that because, in truth, I've been incredibly busy and none of it has been anything to proverbially write home about. I have an increasing number of balls that I'm obligated to keep continually aloft and precious little energy for tech fetishist pseudo-intrigue. Excuses begone:

1. I'll own a Kindle in a few days which I'm pretty excited about. I can't really comment a whole lot on the controversial DRM because I buy books pretty consistently and hate the fact that I'm left with an all but useless husk when I've finished the book. I also dislike the fact that the cheap trade paperbacks that I favor when thinking about the comparatively small amount of disposable income that I have to blow on fiction are not durable at all. I'm much happier with access to sanely formatted text than I am with twenty more pounds of paperback to cart around until I eventually spill coffee on them and they are destroyed.

A former co-worker was kind enough to let me mess around with hers a bit and I'm pretty happy with the e ink display. I'm pretty sensitive to glare after too many years of squinting at bad monitors attached to server room KVMs and making the mistake of buying more porous contact lenses and the Kindle display is ridiculously glare resistant.

The only real downside that I can see is the issue of expense -- no more super cheap used books but I think there is some exchange in value there simply because I can't lose or physically destroy the book. I'll write some more on this when I've actually had some time to beat on it and figure out if the interface is as good as it seemed after using it for a few minutes.

2. New job. I finally found a new job which is apparently something akin to a miracle while the economy is being nudged down the shitslide into eternal torment and damnation or something like that. It's the same basic deal as always but pays a lot more and will (hopefully) give me more time to do system administration and less call to delete and play seek and destroy in the Windows registry. This is wishful thinking because, although I sincerely feel as though I've paid my desktop support dues, I will be the entire IT department for a 60-85 user environment. This is pretty similar to the situation I just left but the money certainly helps. I start tomorrow and feel better already.

3. Ubuntu. I've finally settled on using Ubuntu on my desktop machines instead of the other distributions that I've known and sorta loved. I really tried to keep a couple of installs of Debian unstable sane but they eventually broke or conflicted in a way that made them useless. I've always held Ubuntu in mild to moderate disdain as a luser-oriented distribution in contrast to Debian's QA-centric take on building the stable branch of the distribution. Unfortunately, I'm mainly using Linux on the desktop these days so I typically need newer/sexier versions of applications and libraries and can't deal with unfucking dpkg/apt after every update. Ubuntu is a fairly good compromise between the tendency towards bleeding edge and having your shit actually work. Feel free to heckle me so I can give you the interWeb equivalent to a blank stare. That is oddly fulfilling.

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