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Less Misery Please…

It's that magical, magical time again when I've grown completely frustrated with my feed reader and am looking for recommendations for a Linux feed reader that isn't a machine killing hog.

Liferea (1.6.1-1) used to be my default choice but its performance over the past couple of months has caused me a ton of frustrating downtime where my desktop is completely unusable while Liferea updates 130 feeds or so. It might be Arch's package or not but it isn't really an option. I thought about building it from and then decided against it.

I also tried Akregator for a while and it was a lot less antagonistic towards my CPU(s). It also has some pretty buggy behavior, though, and instances like the below finally convinced me that it was a stopgap rather than a good replacement for Liferea. It's also a KDE which makes it look pretty strange in Gtk-land.

I even fired up Flock with the intent of using is just for feed reading. It doesn't work so swell these days -- a bit too monolithic and tuned for its own purposes rather than mine. I toyed with it for awhile and then shuffled it off to /dev/null.

So, anyone have any good suggestions for me? I like lightweight, GUI (preferably Gtk+ but I can deal with whatever for the sake of working), and capable of importing OPML. Thanks

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  1. If you are using ext4, try mounting ext4 with barrier=0.

    That’s a bit less safe in case of machine crashes, but disabled barriers are also the default in ext3.

    Barriers kill sync() performance, sqlite heavily uses sync(), and Liferea uses sqlite.

    For Liferea 1.8 this problem will be addressed as much as possible.

  2. Adrian,

    Thanks for the explanation. I sort of assumed that something akin to this was the case. I am using ext4 for the ‘/’ partition but I’ve also seen this behavior, although perhaps to a lesser degree, under jfs. I’ll give this a whirl when I’m actually in front of that machine.

    I’m excited for future releases addressing this because I’ve used Liferea for a long time and excepting this issue it is my favorite of the *nix-native readers.

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